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Three reasons I will ✨never✨ just stick to one type of session...

Absolutely, yes, at this point I am shooting primarily weddings. I LOVE weddings, they are a great joy and a big reason I have fallen in love with my job, I could never just stick to only weddings. Why? Here are three reasons I will ✨never✨ just stick to one type of session...

1. There is something so incredible about being able to experience/capture every stage of life that reminds me of the joy it is to be human. Taking family photos then a few years later capturing high school senior, college senior photos, and then an engagement and wedding? I have the opportunity to watch you grow, to experience life with you in such a unique way.

2. I would be so bored if not. Full transparency, if my photos just consisted of wedding photos or grad photos or family photos, wouldn’t get to be creative in the same way I get to be now! Having a variety of sessions throughout my seasons gives me an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and get creative! It also means I'm ready for any situation on a wedding day! Family photos? Easy. Couple's photos? Born to do it. Bridal Portraits? I've done enough headshots, grad sessions, and senior photos that these are a piece of cake!

3. I LOVE my reoccurring clients, each time I shoot with you, you’re more comfortable in front of the camera, you TRUST me more, and gosh dang I am even more happy to see you! I am able to grow in friendship with you; what a blessing.

Let’s create memories together—at every stage of life.

Your photographer,


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