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Meet the Photographer

Updated: 7 days ago

Allow me to reintroduce myself... 📸✨

My name is Sammy Kopecky. I started my photography business nearly seven years ago with the desire to reveal deeper meaning in the hearts of humans.


Weddings, seniors, families, engagements–you name it, I believe a photographer can be at every step of the way. My passion is to create glowy, joyful, and timeless photos that capture these special moments in your story.

In introductions, they always tell you to mention a few fun facts, so here they are:

🌟I am Catholic, and it is the root of who I am and everything I do. One of my greatest desires is to live fully and abundantly alive, and I truly believe that is only possible through knowing the One who created me and letting him teach me how to do so. (John 10:10)

🌟 I’m a people person through and through. I love every step of the friendship process, from the first meetup with a fresh face to the friends that long ago were renamed as “family”. Every human has their own story and the more we love each other is the more we grow into our own character. I probably have the coolest friends in the entire world who come from all walks of life, and they inspire me to be the best version of myself. 

🌟 I’m an adrenaline junkie, a roof-climber, and an overall adventure fanatic. You can find me anywhere close to the sky or with a view, and any of my friends will tell you that the adventurous occurrences are far too frequent.

Thank you for coming along my journey with me. Let’s chat!

Your photographer,

📸: @mkkrausephoto (edited my me :))

new logos/brand refresh: @nafa_designstudio

awesome sweatshirt and photography merch: @cassidylynne

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