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The most common questions I get asked, and the best answers I have. Here are some tips from the pros to ensure you and your crew are camera ready.

Book the Paparazzi 📸

Before you hire a photographer, make sure you do your homework.

  • It can be awkward to talk money, but before you fall in love with a photog outside your budget – make sure you are comfortable with their fee. Remember you are paying for their time, experience, equipment, software, image editing and printing.

  • Review the packages. Know in advance if you are getting all the digital images or need to buy prints directly from your photographer. Is any editing included, or are images sent as is? Ask about additional costs like travel, equipment rentals, or website fees. (Because now I know you're wondering...I offer one full package price. This includes all edited photos at full resolution in an online link or flash drive for you to do with whatever you choose!)

  • Window shop. Check out some looks you love from family and friends and find out who they used for their photo shoots. Are you looking for something more staged, or do you love a more candid pic? Ask to see their portfolios and choose someone who specializes in the style you love.

  • Schedule your shoot and if you’re planning to be outside, consider pre-arranging a rain date.


Pick A Location 🌅

  • As a primarily Kansas City-based photographer, I have a list of my favorite locations and am HAPPY to work with you on a place that will best fit your vision. However, if you are hoping to brainstorm a little bit before we chat, here is a list of the best locations in Kansas City.

  • If you're not based in KC, I have a list of Manhattan, Topeka, and Witchita locations as well, just reach out and ask! If you're wanting to shoot somewhere we've never been, let's DO IT. We will find a place that fits your vibe.


Style It Up 💃🏽

  • If you want to coordinate clothes, avoid matchy-matchy outfits and choose a common color or

          scheme instead. Pinterest has great ideas to get you started.

    • Some of my favorite colors based on season:

      • Summer: Warm Bright Colors - Orange, Hot Pink, Marigold, Purple​

      • Fall: Jewel Tones! Burgandy, Emerald, Navy

      • Winter: Cooler Colors - Black/White, Beiges, Cream, Browns

      • Spring: Pastel! Mint, Lemon, Light Pink

  • Choose a style that makes you the star! In group photos, the less flashy the better, but in senior

          photos, you do YOU! I want who you are to be reflected through your style.

  • Bottom line: choose looks that make you feel great. That confidence will shine through the lens.

Get the Glam 💅🏼

  • Check out these make-up tips to ensure you’re ready for your close-up.

  • I always recommend natural makeup, preferably in shades of light pinks and browns. I would recommend lots of highlight, it may look a bit oily in real life, but it picks up as a dewy and natural glow on the camera! Dark or really heavy eyeshadow or eyeliner often creates deep shadows. It can overwhelm your beautiful facial features, but lighter colors and glow can pull out color in your eyes and smile. If you have any specific questions you can ask me about them, and if you don't know how to do makeup or aren't comfortable with your makeup abilities, let me know if you have any questions or any way I can help!

Strike a Pose 🤸🏼‍♀️

  • If you're shooting with me, don't worry! I know about a thousand fun poses that will keep you relaxed, flattering, and natural.

  • If you're still stressing, check out this link for tips to show off your good side.

Kids and Pets - What to do? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Bribes are your friend. A well-timed treat can be the difference between photoshoot euphoria or meltdown.

  • Pack wipes, Tide stain stick, snacks, drinks, a favorite toy and a change of clothes so you’re ready for whatever comes.

  • As much as possible, keep looking up and smiling at the camera when the photos are taken. Although it's tempting to keep looking down to make sure everyone else is smiling, the photographer won't be able to catch your beautiful face even if they catch everyone else's! You would be surprised how often this is the case.

  • Keep it short and sweet. A great photographer can get the shot quickly (I definitely do!)

  • Get outside. A fun locale to explore will guarantee great pics and entertained little ones. ​​​​​​​

Final Advice 🥰

  • I know it sounds cheesy, but the best advice I can give you is this: Trust your photographer and trust yourself. You've got this! Get excited!! 


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